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Truesafetyshoes, who has been deeply involved in the safety shoes industry for several decades, would like to let more people to wear comfortably and safety while keeping the unique design a top priority. For this reason, the online brand True Safety Shoes was born.

Truesafetyshoes Established in 2022, we offer a wide variety of safety boots, the details are as follows:

The first is toe protection safety shoes, the most common type of safety shoes, safety boots with reinforced toe caps that protect your feet from impacts. Toe-toe boots are often used in warehouses and handling deliveries where there is a higher chance of heavy objects falling on your feet.

The second is cut-resistant, penetration-resistant, and abrasion-resistant boots. These boots can provide protection in potentially hazardous areas, such as landscaping and tree surgery, or anywhere heavy machinery is operated. Shock-resistant shoes can also provide shock protection.

The third is waterproof boots that ensure comfort and safety in inclement weather or wet workplace environments, but sometimes require stronger liquid protection.

The fourth is comfort and safety shoes. For lighter safety requirements, more comfortable footwear can be used. Whether it's a safety training boot with a polymer-reinforced toe, or a non-slip sole for a workplace floor that might get wet, safety shoes don't have to be bulky and uncomfortable.

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Efforts For Carbon Neutrality
Carbon neutral means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere from a company's activities is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed.
In order to reduce our carbon footprint, David's Wear invest funds annually in carbon offsets, environmental projects around the world that has the potential to reverse climate change.

Care for the Earth, our common home, Truesafetyshoes have been always on the road.

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